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January 21, 2016 by Jenny Moeres

3 Ways to Revitalize Old Kitchen Cabinets

3 Ways to Revitalize The Look of Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

It appeared like only yesterday whenever your wood kitchen cabinets were installed, searching all vibrant, polished, and fresh. Now, after a long time of constant touching, cleaning, and being uncovered to grease, smoke, and food contaminants, your wood cabinets have in some way lost its luster. Mine just looks sad and greasy, making chilling out in the kitchen area this type of drag.

Take the kitchen cabinets glory days back having a couple of methods that won’t only help you save a small fortune but probably stop you from tossing away a wonderfully good cabinet in support of brand new ones. Here are 3 ways you can transform individuals drab-searching but nonetheless-functional storage into something scammed pages of the kitchen remodeling magazine — searching all completely new and fresh in the store.

Unlike what many might point to, washing your cabinets will really make their condition much worse. Water may cause wood items to swell and warp. Actually, any tries to re-stain the wood might just damage it permanently when drenched in water. Utilizing a clean moist rag, wipe the cupboards rather to gather grime and dirt in the wood but steer obvious from totally washing on them.

Using lemon oil is yet another sure-fire method to revitalize wood. Using such not just beautifies the wood surface it nourishes and safeguards the interior grains from the cabinetry from wax, grease or silicone build-up. Just wipe on wood utilizing a flannel and make certain the oil is used evenly. You will see that doing this instantly cheers your cabinets, lifting away many years of grime which have lovingly moved in.

You may even choose to use furniture polishes which have double purpose — like a cleaner so that as a stain simultaneously. This really is suggested to individuals who don’t put on time nor the power to stain wood the standard way. Application is simple. Utilizing a flannel, rub in to the wood following buffing strokes using the grain. Let it completely dry first not less than 24 hrs to make sure that the polish has stuck towards the wood. Feel, as this because the polish has a tendency to appear when still wet.

If you are settled with the thought of DIY-discoloration your oak cabinets, begin by getting rid of the pulls, locks, and hinges off. Utilizing a moderately coarse sandpaper having a 120- or 150-grit, sand away for the direction from the grain. Sanding roughens up and breaks the very best coat from the existing stain which functions like a protective layer from the cabinet from normal put on. When the top coat continues to be removed from the wood, now you can be assured the new stain you’ve applied will penetrate effectively on your cabinets.

Select a stain that suits the colour of the wood cabinet. Should you must choose from a water-based or perhaps an oil-based stain, pick the latter as it possesses a more efficient protective layer for the cabinets. It deeply conditions the wood and nourishes the grain much better than water-based stains, however, oil-based types have a tendency to dry in a much reduced rate. For those who have time to deal with, allow the stain dry naturally by departing it for around 24 hrs.

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